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Officials: Fires at Moulin Rouge site could be intentional

Posted at 11:05 PM, Oct 28, 2017

Investigators are concerned that someone might be intentionally starting fires at the former Moulin Rouge site, according to Las Vegas Fire and Rescue spokesman Tim Szymanski. 

Vacant apartment complexes located at the former site of the Moulin Rouge near Bonanza and Martin Luther King Boulevard are overrun with squatters. 

During October, apartments at the complex have caught fire three different times. 

Szymanski said because there's been so many fires in such a short period of time, the department is not ruling out the possibility of the fires being intentional. 

"Sometimes squatters are very territorial and if one person crosses over one territory to another, they'll set that person's belongings on fire," Szymanski said. 

Neighbors are concerned the frequent fires will begin to have an effect on their health. 

Szymanski believes demolition of the vacant structures could possbily begin within the month.