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Arrest report released for Valley Electric CEO

Posted at 1:52 PM, Feb 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-01 13:09:45-05

UPDATE FEB. 27 11:00 P.M.: The Nye County Sheriff's Office has released the arrest report for Valley Electric CEO Angela Evans.

A source told investigators the names of which Valley Electric employees who knew of the work being done.

Nye County says a VEA employee could confirm the work was done at Evans' residence, but could not confirm who paid for it.

Sources also told investigators that the work is usually paid for by the customer and not the cooperative, but in this instance, Evans CEO had billed the work to the Coop system.

That system caused members to absorb the cost of moving the lines.

Investigators say after her arrest, Evans admitted that it would not be appropriate for the repairs to be billed to VEA instead of her.

She also told them that if there was any unpaid money for the work, she would "fix it".

Her bail was set at $5,000.

UPDATE FEB. 27 9:24 A.M.: Valley Electric Association released a statement Feb. 27 following the arrest of CEO Angela Evans on Feb. 26. It reads:

"Regarding recent events involving Valley Electric Association, we would like to assure members that VEA will cooperate fully and transparently with authorities.

VEA regrets the current circumstances, and we have initiated our own internal investigation. We remain committed to our members. Services will not be affected."

UPDATE FEB. 26 9:30 P.M.: The CEO of Valley Electric Association has been arrested Tuesday evening. The Nye County Sheriff's Office reported Angela Evans was taken into custody and facing embezzlement charges.

Authorities also reported work done at Evans' home was completed for approximately $75,000 and not billed to her but a company cooperative.

PAHRUMP (KTNV) - Nye County Sheriff's Office is responding to what it says are "untruths" by Valley Electric Association regarding a search of the property last week, releasing body camera footage of the event.

Valley Electric has called the search a "Kafkaesque raid" and is questioning if it violated Nevada law.

On Feb. 22, authorities conducted a search warrant at Valley Electric after allegations that former CEO, Tom Husted, sexually harassed a female employee and then paid key management employees hush money that may have lead to recent rate increases.

Valley Electric released a statement the next day saying the Sheriff’s Office’s claims are unfounded and the company may pursue legal action.

FULL STATEMENT: Valley Electric Feb. 23

In a more recent statement, Valley Electric described the search as a "Kafkaesque raid" and questioned the motives of the Sheriff's department.

The company says it believes the search violated Nevada law and that the Sheriff's department worked in a "media-obsessed environment" that is "all about the cameras."

FULL STATEMENT: Valley Electric Feb. 25

Nye County Sheriff's Office disputes those claims, calling them "untruths," and released body camera footage of the warrant execution.

The Sheriff's office says that Valley Electric was closed for about an hour before the office was reopened for most of the staff. The exception being human resources, finance, IT and CEO Angela Evans, who were separated from the computer network to ensure that evidence was not destroyed.

Daily operations at the organization were not impacted by the search except for during that one hour, officials say.

The Sheriff's office also says that Evans, the Board of Directors, and some other employees currently at Valley Electric are under investigation, addressing a statement from Valley Electric that only the former CEO is under investigation.

WATCH: Nye County Sheriff's Office responds to VEA allegations

The bulk of the investigation, according to authorities, is looking into whether Evans, the Board of Directors or any other employees covered up Husted's misconduct by spending Valley Electric money to keep people quiet about the allegations.

Nye County Sheriff's Office says the warrant was valid and the department went to great lengths to make sure Valley Electric was not unnecessarily inconvenienced by gathering information in the least intrusive manner.

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