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NV Energy's advice results in savings for 13 Action News employee

Posted at 8:50 AM, Aug 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-07 16:02:30-04

Does being energy efficient pay off?

At the beginning of this year's hot weather, NV Energy went through KTNV photographer Steve Smallwood's home to find ways to use less power. Two of the biggest things Smallwood changed had to do with the garage door and the windows in his home. Now Smallwood says several things have changed for the better.

When an NV Energy inspector came to Smallwood's home in May, he went inside, outside and even up into the attic. Smallwood followed several of the inspector's recommendations.

"Right away I noticed a difference in the temperature just of the heat coming inside. It was amazing right there," said Smallwood.

Smallwood paid $70 for garage door insulation, $45 for film to put on his windows, and $160 for two smart thermostats like the inspector suggested. In total, he shelled out $275. 

Comparing June 2018 to June 2017, Smallwood saved $41. For July, he saved $12. Combined savings over just these two months comes out to $53. 

Finally, taking only July and June into account, it would take a little longer than five years to recoup his losses. It's not just about cash, though, it's also about comfortability.

"I already expected it to be like a long-term process to get my money back out of it, but the usability of the room above the garage is the biggest part. We can be in that room and it's livable," said Smallwood.

The NV Energy home assessment like Smallwood did is free and they can even do it on Saturdays. You can call 855-676-9373 to schedule yours.