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NV Energy ready for solar eclipse in Las Vegas, despite loss of solar power

Posted at 7:03 AM, Aug 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-21 10:40:02-04

We're about to lose a lot of solar energy because of the eclipse, so how is NV Energy dealing with this?

13 Action News got to go inside the grid control center, where few people are allowed.

NV Energy has been preparing for the eclipse for months, coordinating with 17 western states.

During the eclipse, Nevada will lose about 450 megawatts of power. That is worth about a quarter of a million typical homes.

Engineers are hoping you won't notice any differences at home. It's all about balancing where the power is coming from solar or gas sources.

"All this work that we do we want to make sure that people do not see anything different. From the standpoint of electric service, we expect this to be a non-event," said Shahzad Lateef, the director of transmission and distribution system operations at NV Energy.

Inside the grid control center Monday it's going to be pretty quiet. That's because everything is automated.

They've prepared for every eventuality: downed lines, variable weather conditions, fires. Nevada is connected to more than a dozen states so everything had to be coordinated in a unified response.

"Because of the preparation, we don't see this as a big deal anymore," said Lateef.

They compare the amount of work they put into New Year's Eve as how much work they've put into prepping for the eclipse.