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With Rum & Coke Cupcakes, You Can Have Your Cake And Drink It, Too

With Rum & Coke Cupcakes, You Can Have Your Cake And Drink It, Too
Posted at 6:38 AM, Jun 07, 2019

The party-time dilemma: Do you hit the desserts after dinner, or have a little digestive drink? With these rum-and-Coke cupcakes you don’t have to choose. The booze is built in!

A cute recipe over at Mac and Molly provides all the details. Rum’s incorporated into each element of the cupcakes — from the chocolate cake itself to the rum-and-Coke glaze to the vanilla frosting. It’s a harmonious marriage. The rum carries a hint of sweetness that blends effortlessly with the chocolate and vanilla flavors. And there’s enough Coca-Cola used throughout the recipe to take some teeth out of the booze’s bite.

Just a warning — the rum will curdle the eggs when you combine the two ingredients in a stand mixer. It’s not a good look, but the lumpiness should smooth out once the dry ingredients go in.

Cupcakes for Dinner recommends a similar recipe, though she notes that when she made them for a 21st birthday party, she used twice the rum. Fittingly, they’re called “Cupcake Shots.” These are perfect for your next outdoor barbecue.

“Who wants just the hint of alcohol when it can kick you in the face?” writes CFD blogger Kathleen.

Going one step further, Oh, Bite It! devised “Rum and Coke Bottoms-Upcakes.”

Bite It! keeps it real here, using a boxed cake mix and canned caramel frosting. Coke is used as a substitute for the traditional liquid ingredients and — here’s the coup de grâce — an airplane bottle of rum goes headfirst into the whole thing. Like so:

Oh, Bite It!

There’s only one word for this, and it’s “yowza.”

Of course, if you try this one, make sure you’re using oven-safe cups or mugs to bake the cake batter. Otherwise, your glassware will shatter in the oven and make a nightmarish mess of your kitchen.

You may also want to find yourself a designated driver in advance. Cheers!

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