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Northeast Las Vegas neighbors unhappy with desert real estate proposal

Posted at 7:28 PM, Jan 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-25 22:28:10-05

A northeast Las Vegas community is fighting against a proposed real estate development that would go up right across the street from their quiet neighborhood.

Developers are trying to rezone a 90-acre piece of land, stretching from Hollywood Boulevard and Alto Avenue to Hollywood Boulevard and Cheyenne Avenue, in order to build new apartments.

The neighbors across Hollywood see the proposal as a disruption.

"I wouldn't want anybody to invade to the point where it would make other people who have stayed here for so long feel like they need to move," said Terry Russell, one of the neighbors.

Some of them say they moved to the far northeast corner of the valley for its isolation, but more people moving in means more potential for crime.

"We have a little bit up here, not too bad," said Carl Tracy, a neighbor. "But everyone kind of looks out for one another."

Neighbors are also concerned about development bringing more noise and traffic.

John Landeros is a neighbor who doesn't see the proposal that way. He welcomes the change.

"It'll be more living spaces for people and families," Landeros said. "It's just an opportunity for them."

The rezoning applicant, Mosaic Hollywood 247, LLC, called a neighborhood meeting last week to discuss the proposal.

13 Action News made calls to them for comment that were not immediately returned.