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Neighbors: Teens staying away from NLV community

Posted at 5:16 PM, May 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-18 03:17:49-04

UPDATE: Neighbors living near in fear after teens swarmed the community say things in their North Las Vegas community have gotten better.

They say North Las Vegas police have stepped up its patrols and are keeping the teens away.


Friday, we went back to a valley townhome complex to see what is being done about teens taking it over.

"Once school lets out there usually about between thirty and forty kids just hanging out in the streets around the area," said Michael Felician, who has lived at Palmilla for about six years.

On Friday, 13 Action News crews saw North Las Vegas police patrolling the area. They said they are throwing as many resources as they can at this problem, including K-9 units and their neighborhood-specific units.

Felician, a former high school teacher, thinks the kids are just bored.

"It's a combination of the kids not having anything better to do with their time, them having easy access to firearms in this state, and then they're not having the proper adult supervision that they should have," he said.

People who live there told 13 Action News the kids break down doors, climb in balconies, and even threw someone out of their car and took the car.
Friday, there was a handful of kids, but not the crowds our crews saw Thursday. Felician said many of the kids have guns, and the worst kids come back at night and continue their crime spree.

"I'm a big guy, I don't worry about much, but I've had an elderly neighbor say to me, 'I don't feel safe around here at night anymore, it's too dark, the kids are all out and I don't know which ones have guns and which ones don't,'" said Felician.Felician.

People told us the management is working with North Las Vegas Police because several of the kids are wanted for other crimes. But they have been told this won't be fixed overnight.

North Las Vegas Police said if you are in this situation or a similar one, they need tips from you as soon as you see something. You can be anonymous, but they want specific locations, names of the people, or at least description.