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North Las Vegas, National Guard prepare for massive earthquake

Posted at 7:10 PM, Nov 14, 2016

The city of North Las Vegas along with the National Guard came together to prepare for "the big one" if it were to hit here at home. 

The drill is the first of its kind and the largest of its size. 

There were more than 500 first responders from across the country participating in the 6.7 magnitude mock earthquake drill. 

"We hope it never happens but if it does we want people to be ready," said Delen Goldberg with the city of North Las Vegas. 

A recon team was first on site of the Walmart destroyed by the simulated quake. Crews had to find the nearly 50 people killed and dozens more injured. 

A similar mock earthquake was happening in California, requiring both states to coordinate their emergency responses to ensure citizens of both states are safe and supplied with essential goods and services.
The city of North Las Vegas was also coordinating with national organizations, such as FEMA to make sure the city is receiving the resources needed if a disaster hits. 
The city is now urging families to prepare as well. 
"Talk to your family, your coworkers whoever you interact with. What would you do in an emergency?" Goldberg said. 
The drills are funded federally and only done four times across the country every year.