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Man pleads not guilty in kidnap-child sex case

Posted at 10:46 AM, Mar 28, 2016
A 27-year-old North Las Vegas man pleaded not guilty to 83 felony charges in a case alleging that he abducted and kept teenage girls as sex slaves.
The plea on Monday put Jimmy Carter Kim back on track toward trial on kidnapping, child sexual assault, lewdness and using a minor in pornography charges that could get him life in prison.
Kim balked last week at an agreed-upon plea deal that would have gotten him 35 years to life in prison.
A firm trial date wasn't set. Kim remains jailed in Las Vegas. His lawyer, Jeff Maningo, declined outside court to comment.
The case came to light after a 14-year-old Arizona girl said Kim kept her captive for a month, raped her repeatedly and left her with a bucket for a toilet when he was gone.
Prosecutors say they've identified at least three other victims.