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North Las Vegas firefighter retires after 26 years

Posted at 7:03 PM, Jul 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-04 02:58:14-04

The airwaves of the North Las Vegas Fire Department were full of heartfelt goodbyes as one of their own retired after two decades of service.

“We’ll miss that smile, of course that laugh, take care Cedric, god bless,” said one firefighter over the radio.
“Best to you and your family, thanks for all you’ve done and you’ll be missed," said another. 

Captain Williams is retiring after spending 26 years with the North Las Vegas Fire Department. 

"It's just very emotional to hear them and to hear some of their voices because that voice comes with a lot of history," said Williams. 

Williams' job as the department's Public Information Officer went beyond just helping to fight fires, but he was also committed to his community. Williams also grew up in North Las Vegas. 

"He's super encouraging, he's super positive and very supportive you know anything I need or any type of advice or insight or intel or whatever I'm going through he's always been there," said Christa Fells, firefighter. 

And for life-long friends like Melvin Ennis, he couldn't be prouder of all the things he's done.

"With his community service you have to think about his passion for God," said Ennis."He's also a minister and a family guy and that's where his impact came in, volunteering and making our community stronger. "

It all wrapped up with a bittersweet moment for Williams, as he signed off from his shift for the final time. 

“If you need me, I’m never far away, god bless and I’ll see you soon. 510 - out.”

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