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North Las Vegas dog reunited with owners two years later

Posted at 11:28 PM, Feb 05, 2018

A North Las Vegas family is complete again now that they have their dog back. Thunder was missing for nearly two years.

Vanessa Avila says Thunder got loose May 2016. She and her husband Arnold searched for Thunder for months. They hung up fliers. They posted on social media. They checked out their nearby vet clinics and The Animal Foundation.

There were never any leads. The couple assumed someone found Thunder and held onto him all this time.

"We basically just gave up hope," said Avila.

The other day, Thunder was spotted ten minutes down the road from where he went missing.

Michelle Flores lured the scared dog in with some deli meat and brought him to the vet.

Sure enough, Thunder had a microchip. The veterinarian called Avila.

"I was just freaking out at work," said Avila. "I started crying. My boss was like are you OK what's going on? I'm like I think they found my dog that's been missing for almost two years."

Avila and her husband picked up Thunder when they both got out of work and they were overjoyed to see their dog.

"I had no time to take out my phone and record," she said. "I just wanted to hug him."

Flores wants this to be a lesson to all dog owners to always keep your mircochip information updated.

"Even if it's two years, five years, however long its been, make sure it stays updated because you never know," said Flores.