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NLV community fights to keep Jack in the Box out

Posted at 7:19 PM, May 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-19 14:27:42-04

Some people in North Las Vegas are not happy about a potential neighbor trying to move in. They're doing everything they can to keep a 24-hour Jack in the Box restaurant out of the community.

The restaurant is set to come to a vacant lot on the corner of Centennial and Aliante parkways. However, it will be very close to set of homes lined up against the lot. With the restaurant being 24 hours, most of the homeowners believe it'll only disrupt the peace they've worked so hard to maintain.

"The environmental pollution from this proposed Jack in the Box will cause us to change our entire lifestyle,” said concerned homeowner Don Hooks. “Our livability is affected adversely."

At least 12 neighbors met with 13 Action News on Wednesday to discuss their outrage.

"The garbage and what comes from the garbage," said Derita Konx.

In April, these homeowners received a postcard from the city of North Las Vegas, inviting them to a zoning meeting about a restaurant possibly coming right outside their backyard.

The meeting was last Wednesday, but only a few of them showed up. They claim there was nothing on the postcard to catch their attention.

"They didn't tell us the story,” said Hooks referring to the postcard. “There's no story.”

The card explains that the zoning commission would consider providing a special use permit to a “convenience food restaurant” because it's currently not allowed in the zone. It wasn't until the meeting that neighbors found out the permit was for a 24-hour Jack in the Box.

What they didn't know is that there was a full report of the special use permit on the city's website that was posted days before the meeting and it’s still there. A representative for the city of North Las Vegas says the postcard is just a notification, but it's up to the homeowner to get more details on the website.

The homeowners all agree that a Jack in the Box doesn't belong.

The community raised the $500 in costs to appeal this decision and they filed that appeal on Wednesday.

So, the city will hold another zoning meeting. With more people aware, more are expected to attend and express their opposition.