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Nonprofit replacing vacant fire station with free boxing gym for kids

Nonprofit needs swamp coolers, doors to open
Posted at 6:19 AM, Jun 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-25 13:36:51-04

A local nonprofit is replacing a vacant fire station with a free boxing gym for kids.

The firehouse near Christy Lane and Judson Avenue, near East Lake Mead Boulevard, has become an eyesore for the community. Since it shut down several years ago, it has caught fire at least once.

"It had no life, you know. It was just abandoned," said one mother. "So it has been closed for years."

Until now.

The team at Center Ring Boxing is currently renovating the fire station into a boxing gym. They offer free classes for kids and teens interested in the sport.

"If it weren't for boxing I would have been in the streets and stuff like that," said boxer Jesus Estrada.

Center Ring Boxing prides itself on helping kids shape their futures, but right now they are running into issues when it comes to getting the building up to code.

"They said I had to have the swamp coolers before I could open completely," said founder Jose Banales.

Banales is now looking for any help he can get. He was able to renovate the building with the help of local labor unions, businesses, and even the Raiders who donated gym equipment.

Center Ring Boxing hopes to open this week if they receive the missing equipment.