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NLV parents outraged by school assignment

Posted at 7:14 PM, Nov 13, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-13 22:14:39-05
Parents say a North Las Vegas teacher has gone too far.
The concern comes after students at Somerset Academy were forced to complete an assignment that many are calling inappropriate. Parents spoke to Action News on Friday.  
Some of them think the teacher should be fired. 
“I don't want my son at this age to go to school and feel less than by a teacher," Patricia Wise told Action news.
Her son is in his sophomore year at the Losee campus of Somerset Academy. One Thursday, he came home from school and delivered some upsetting news. It all started when his entire math class failed a test. 
In response to their poor performance, the teacher, John Reynolds, made the students write a letter to themselves.  However, the letter was in his words, not theirs. 
He made them copy this affirmation word for word:
“I am guilty of showing a lack of interest in some part of life. By showing a lack of interest in any part of life, I have taken a step closer to death. I have become in part inanimate, like a signpost. I do not wish to live like a sign post. I was not created as a signpost; I am a human being. "Therefore, in the future I will chose life rather than death, and find the joy of curiosity and this wonderful world."
Wise had her say this morning when she called the principal.  She says "he was upset, and he understood how I was feeling."
Today, the teacher at the center of it all sent students home with this written apology to parents.
“I exercised poor judgment in my choice task for students to perform. I apologize to my students and their parents for any offense I have caused. My intent was to show students the importance and the impact their actions have on their future. I will reconsider how I communicate that in the future."
However, Wise doesn't think an apology is enough.