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Nine college athletes among the victims of crash

Posted at 1:15 PM, Dec 22, 2015
Nearly a dozen of the victims in Sunday night's crash on the Las Vegas Strip were college athletes.
The tragedy put a cloud over the Wartburg Desert Duals wrestling tournament that for years has taken place at the Flamingo.
Nine wrestlers from Pacific University and Delaware Valley University went to the hospital to be treated for injuries like concussions and bruised ribs.
All of them have been released.
Both schools pulled out of Monday's tournament because of what happened.
Tournament organizers say there wasn't the same festive atmosphere as usual, but after a moment of silence Monday morning, everything went on as planned.
"Kids here know what's going on," said Joe Breitbach of Wartburg College. "They're competitors on the mat but they have the prayers for these kids and they'll get through it. They're tough kids."
Delaware Valley's coach was also treated at the hospital for minor injuries.