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'Night Owl' restaurant burglars on the loose

Posted at 7:41 PM, Jan 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-06 22:41:07-05
There's been a string of local restaurant break-ins during the past month.  
Police are now investigating to determine whether the same crew is responsible for the so-called "Night Owl" series.   
The latest burglary happened early Wednesday morning at Chipotle located near the 7100 block of North Durango Drive.  
The suspects entered by breaking a glass door. Authorities have yet to release a list of the items stolen.   
We're told no one has been taken into custody as of Wednesday night. 
The burglars have forced their way into at least 5 restaurants. That includes Teriyaki Madness and Cafe Rio on the 4800 block of Blue Diamond.
"It is really scary," said manager Alma Segura.  
The suspects unsuccessfully attempted to break into the cash registers of both establishments. 
Segura said they used a yellow crow bar to pry open the front door.  
Meanwhile, the manager at Teriyaki Madness said the thieves only made off with a bottle of water and an energy drink.
Early Wednesday morning, police dispatch scanner traffic gave a description of the crew.  
"Three subjects all wearing dark clothing."
The dispatcher went on to state that investigators, "Believe it's possibly going to be related to the "Night Owl" series."
Some restaurants have put a new routine in place as a result of the break-ins.
"We leave all together," said Segura.