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NFL in Vegas: Is a downtown stadium the best option?

Posted at 7:00 PM, Jul 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-22 10:45:15-04
Every time someone brings up the potential of an NFL team in Las Vegas, questions turn to where the team would play.
UNLV's campus has emerged as a very popular option, but on Wednesday Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman advocated for another idea, the Cashman Center in downtown Las Vegas.
"A site that has such great potential and such clear access, greater access than any other site that's on the table,” said Goodman.
Mayor Pro Tem Steve Ross is in full support of the idea.
"Think about the football game nights,” he said. "The home game nights, how packed downtown would be and how exciting that would be to be a part of. The Las Vegas city council feels that this Cashman site should be considered. It's a great location. Accessibility is there." 
County commissioners, on the other hand, feel the benefits of a stadium near UNLV may outweigh the cons.
"Well, the benefits are obviously the proximity to UNLV,” said Commissioner Steve Sisolak. “I mean to have a stadium that's either on campus or proximity walking distance to campus would be huge for the university in terms of moving it up to another level."
Commissioner Sisolak says the city needs to do more if it's serious about Cashman.
"Frankly, Cashman is one that I haven't put a lot of time in because they've brought nothing forward.”
13 Action News political analyst Jon Ralston says this growing debate could intensify a long-standing rivalry between city and county leaders.
"City-county competition in Las Vegas goes back decades,” said Ralston. Most people don't even know that the Las Vegas Strip is not really in Las Vegas. It's in unincorporated Clark County. Steve Sisolak considers himself the Mayor of Clark County. He doesn't even like when Mayor Goodman comes to events on the Strip because he is the head of the Strip. So there are turf wars going on."