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NFL Commissioner weighs in on Raiders moving to Las Vegas

Posted at 11:24 PM, Sep 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-19 14:50:41-04
Las Vegas is one step closer to gaining an NFL team, but people who live in Oakland don't want to accept it. This comes as the NFL commissioner made a new announcement on what he thinks when it comes to the Raiders' move.
"We belong in Oakland," said one fan who was tailgating in Oakland Sunday. "Oakland makes them tougher and meaner, and so I love Oakland. We belong in Oakland."
"That's not gonna happen because we bleed silver and black," said another fan from Oakland. "We don't care what you come up with. It's Raiders forever. Raiders 'til we die up in this city right here, so nice try Las Vegas."
"My heart wants them to stay in Oakland but what more than a better place than Las Vegas," said a Raiders fan who is from Oakland but now lives in Las Vegas. "Las Vegas is a place that I call home right now as a die-hard Raiders fan.
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stirred the pot Sunday as he hinted at his opinion on where the Raiders should live by saying the following.
"No market should lose their team once, let alone twice. I believe there's a solution in Oakland," said Goodell.
"In an ideal world, it would be nice if they didn't leave Oakland," said Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak. "But the fact is, Oakland isn't going to build them a new stadium. They need a new stadium to play in, and if Las Vegas and the state of Nevada can put this deal together in the coming weeks, I think Mr. Davis is entitled to pursue the option of moving the Raiders."
"[Oakland] looked for some solutions and hadn't come up with it so I think we've got our job cut out for us convincing them this would be a much better place," said Nevada Congresswoman Dina Titus.
Commissioner Sisolak also points out the number of jobs it would bring if we brought the Raiders to Las Vegas. Building the stadium, alone, would bring 18,000 construction jobs. Running the stadium would provide 9,000 permanent jobs.