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New video shows Moapa deadly police shooting

Posted at 9:12 AM, Nov 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-17 12:12:36-05
New video is finally being released nearly three years after a fatal shooting involving Moapa Tribal Police.
The FBI released video of the deadly encounter after investigators cleared the officers involved.
Video of the fatal confrontation between Moapa Tribal Police and Marcus Lee in December of 2012 starts as the 28-year-old walked out a convenience store with a young boy.
The video was recently obtained by journalist Dana Gentry.
The conversation between Lee and the officers continues for seven minutes at a car where two other people were waiting.
At that point something changes and one of the officers tasered Lee, who falls into the car.
Lee emerges ten seconds later and sees an officer holding his gun and appears to plead with him.
As that is going on, two other officers pull one of the other people with Lee to the ground, leading to a short struggle.
At the same time Lee goes back into the car. Police say he was reaching for a gun.That's when an officer is seen firing at Lee.
The time between the taser being used and the first shot being fired is just 30 seconds. 
The FBI blurs the view of the backseat as an officer checked on Lee who died from his injuries.
All of the officers were cleared by investigators.
Lee's family has not filed a lawsuit against the department.
The Moapa Tribal Police Department declined comment on the video.
To see the full video, clickhere.