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New safety concerns after pedestrian hit

Posted at 6:09 AM, Sep 29, 2015

A 14-year-old was critically injured after she was hit by an SUV Saturday evening on Warm Springs Road, east of Cimarron Road.  The teen was not in a marked crosswalk, said police.

"The speed limit is 35, when I was going 35 people were not happy," said Erin Breen, director of the Vulnerable Road Users Project at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  

The traffic safety advocate examined the investigator's markings on the pavement Sunday.  

Speed and visibility are two concerns, said Breen.

"Whoever hit her, they had no time to see her at the posted speed limit," she said.

Police said the SUV driver remained at the scene and the investigation continues.

Breen said crosswalks are necessary since there are homes, businesses, and a local high school nearby.  

"It's probably a third of a mile at least if not more in either direction for somewhere to legally cross the street," she said.

Ginger Lopez is the mother of two children who attended Sierra Vista High School.  

"When I used to pick up my kids over there I would see them try to run across over here," said Lopez.

Other residents agreed the stretch of road needs to be reassessed.  

"They're building all around here new homes," said Pat Panzardi. "This road is extremely extremely dangerous."

Action News found out that Clark County will look at the stretch of road again to determine whether there needs to be any changes.