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New RTC Transit Center opens in Summerlin

Posted at 6:48 PM, Oct 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-16 21:48:54-04

RTC riders are getting to enjoy a new facility built to keep up with Summerlin’s booming growth.

The Downtown Summerlin Transit Facility is the sixth transit center to be built by RTC, but the first and only one to serve the Summerlin area.

The facility 
features shaded canopies, benches, and bike racks.

The facility also brings two of RTC’s busiest non-strip routes together, the 206 Charleston and SX Sahara Express.According to RTC, about 11,000 passengers ride each route, per weekday.

This facility has been really successful so far, said RTC Project Manager Benji Gulati. “ It’s only been a month since we opened it, and there’s over 140 boardings per day we’ve seen, and its only going to get better with the new developments coming on board.”

RTC spent about $1.5 million to build this facility.