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New Vegas Strip resort to tap into Asian market

Posted at 6:32 PM, May 19, 2016

It may seem like the giant construction project on the north end of the strip hasn't changed much since it's groundbreaking last year, but behind the scenes, things are moving.  

Thursday, Genting Group got over a key hurdle in getting Resorts World Las Vegas open.  

The Nevada Gaming Commission unanimously approved the preliminary licensing needed to move forward with the resort.  

The site is under active construction while developers finish the architectural design.  

The Chine-themed hotel and casino have high hopes of tapping into the Asian tourism market.  

Already at any given time, one out of every ten people on the Las Vegas strip are from Asia, and developers only see that number increasing.  Those numbers could mean big bucks for the valley.  

Right now, Chinese tourists spend the most money out of all travelers across the world.  That's why developers plan to make this resort a cultural experience.  

"The middle and upper middle-class Chinese demographic is one that is increasingly starting to travel worldwide," says Gerald Gardner, the Senior VP with Resorts World Las Vegas.  

The resort does need one more licensing approval before they open.  That vote will take place closer to 2019.