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New Red Rock mural at Rafael Rivera Community Center meant to inspire Hispanics to visit park

Posted at 3:21 PM, Apr 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-30 08:36:38-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A mural on the east side is bringing Red Rock Canyon to the neighborhood.

The rich colors of the canyon are on full display at the Rafael Rivera Community Center near Stewart Avenue and Mojave Road.

Dream Big Nevada and artist Bertha Gutierrez got together to beautify one of the walls of a dumpster area that is close to one of the preexisting murals.

Stroke by stroke, the muralist wanted to beautify this area a little bit more, a place where many Hispanics come often.

This is especially significant because for many, this is the closest they have ever been to Red Rock Canyon. The ability to get there is challenging. The park is 22 miles away and on the opposite side of town.

For some, money and time are also reasons why they haven’t been there, a favorite park for many Las Vegans.

“Many times, people don't... either it doesn't cross their minds or they don't have access to really go and enjoy the public lands, so bringing a little bit of that scenery here is an invitation. Public lands are for everyone, so the Latino community, the east side of Las Vegas needs to feel welcome too, “expressed Gutierrez.

Jazmin Estefany Gaspar and her family were having some “family time” at the nearby park just steps away. She said she’s only been to Red Rock once, three years ago with one of her cousins.

After seeing the mural, she believes it might help encourage others to visit it.

“It is extremely far especially because you have to plan things, especially because you have to have your water, your food supply, you know just plan things ahead. It takes too much time to sometimes.

Dream Big Nevada was not available for an interview today, but they say that having more access to public parks and lands could make a difference in this community.

To learn more about Red Rock Canyon and find ways to visits, go to https://www.redrockcanyonlv.org/.