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New pictures, videos detail fatal DUI crash in Summerlin

Posted at 11:39 PM, Jul 24, 2019

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — 13 Action News has obtained new pictures and videos that show the moments leading up to a deadly DUI crash in Summerlin that claimed the life of a local mother.

Police Officer: “What’s going on today?”
Scott Gragson: “There’s a problem.”
Metro Officer: “Huh?”
Gragson: “There’s a big problem.”
Police Officer: “What’s the big problem?”
Gragson: “The obvious problem.”

Body camera footage shows the interaction between prominent real estate broker Scott Gragson,the man who was behind the wheel and Metro Police, following the crash.

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Video that was taken from a neighbor's balcony security camera catches Gragson’s Range Rover as it came to rest in the median.

After the crash, Gragson can be observed getting out of his vehicle.

“Is that girl alright? Promise me?” you can hear Gragson ask an officer.

All passengers were thrown out of the SUV as it sped into a curve and hit multiple large trees inside The Ridges.

One of the passengers later identified as Melissa Newton, a mother, was killed.

New pictures released from Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department shows the crash scene, some of which are too graphic to post.

A witness in Gragson’s arrest report is the security guard at the entrance. Video shows when she walks up to his SUV as he tried to pull into the gated community.

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That guard told police Gragson was having an after party following a nearby golf tournament and was asking her let the cars behind him in without checking them.

Gragson then became verbally aggressive, yelling at her, she says.

The video then shows as he accelerates forward, flying down the road. Seconds later the crash happens.

Gragson was indicted just days ago on multiple charges including driving under the influence resulting in death.

Gragson told an officer during questioning he had about 4-5 drinks that day, a mix of beer and tequilla.

Gragson can be seen struggling through the field sobriety test on body camera footage.