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Special CCSD meeting being held on sex ed

Posted at 4:03 PM, Sep 29, 2015
Parents get a new chance to change a hugely controversial topic in the Clark County School District.
The school board meets Tuesday to talk about sex education. One parent group will be there in full force. Power 2 Parent has hundreds of members, including CCSD moms and dads.
The group believes sex education in CCSD curriculum now is fine. They worry changing it could go too far.
"It's too much information, too soon, and not age-appropriate and some of it is really pleasure-based," said Erin Phillips, a board member for Power 2 Parent.
Parents can tell the school board what they think too. This special meeting will be held on Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the auditorium of the Las Vegas Academy of the Performing Arts. The school auditorium is located on the northeast corner of Ninth and Clark.

Some things on the agenda include the results of the sex ed survey presented in January, review of current curriculum and talk about possible changes.

They will also talk about potential issues at various grade levels, including bullying of sexual nature, the dangers of sexting, responsible sexual choices, sexual orientation, gender identity and contraception.

Trustees will gather input to see if they will make a recommendation to the state legislature on a position regarding the opt in or opt policy.
"A parent signs the permission slip to say yes, their student can have sex education or if we wait to entertain the idea of being an opt-out district which is, all children are taught sex education with or without notice to parents but you can opt them out if you choose to," said Patrice Tew, CCSD trustee.