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New medical detox center aims to fight growing overdose numbers in Las Vegas

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Posted at 5:43 AM, Feb 16, 2022

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Fentanyl is becoming a bigger problem than ever across the U.S. and here in Las Vegas.

The Centers for Disease Control says the drug is now the leading cause of death for people between 18 and 45. That's more than COVID-19, car accidents, suicide and cancer. Nevadans dying from overdoses were up nearly 37% between March 2020 and March 2021.

A new detox facility is offering hope for families here in Las Vegas.

Gallus Detox Center is another tool in the toolbox for fighting addiction and overdose deaths in Las Vegas. They just started accepting patients in February.

Alcohol and opioid addictions are two of the leading reasons people walk through the Gallus Detox Center doors. The opioid is usually fentanyl. It's cheaper than heroin and nearly 50 times as potent.

Withdrawal from drugs or alcohol is a really painful, miserable experience.

Symptoms include severe body aches, high heart rate, abdominal cramping and anxiety. Experts say it's dangerous to go through an alcohol withdrawal without a medical professional.

"People can shake severely, they can hallucinate, get confused, heart rate and blood pressure get dangerously high, and they can have seizures. What we do is we treat those symptoms, keep them stabilized and make them more comfortable through that process,” said Shannon Weir, RN and Director of Clinical Education and Quality Assurance for Gallus Detox Centers.

While you're here, you'd get one-on-one care. You'll also work with a registered nurse, a behavioral health tech, and a physician every day. Patients also see a licensed social worker who helps them come up with an aftercare plan, which is key in an addict's success.

If you are interested in getting help for you or a family member you can visit gallusdetox.com or the admissions number is (888) 306-3122. Assessments are free.