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New invention to scare off porch pirates

Posted at 11:28 PM, Nov 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-01 02:33:20-05
As Cyber Monday deliveries are making their way to doorsteps, “porch pirates” are making their presence felt in Las Vegas.
Ed Pascual caught two men on surveillance camera stealing boxes from his front porch.
He says the walked up just minutes after the boxes filled with cleaning supplies were delivered.
"Five minutes later I see these two guys picking up the packages and running off with them," Pascual said.
Pascual isn’t alone. Estimates show 23 million Americans have had packages stolen.
 With Cyber Monday deliveries beginning, 13 Crime and Safety Expert and retired Lt. Randy Sutton says it is a growing crime.
"It is happening every day and it is very difficult to combat," Sutton said.
Sutton says that is largely because tracking and arresting these criminals takes a lot of man power and usually results in misdemeanor charges.
That can lower the consequences thieves face if caught.
"It is just a numbers game. They grab as many as they can. This is like a fulltime job for some of these thieves," Sutton said.
Most people are already aware of the basic tips that include: sending your package to an office, requiring a signature or leaving instruction on where you want your package placed.
An inventor has launched a new device aimed at deterring so called porch pirates.
The Package Guard is like a car alarm for package deliveries.
The device sits on your porch and sends a text message when a package is placed on it.
If someone removes the item before you disarm the device, it delivers a high-pitched noise to deter the thief and alert neighbors.