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Police officers identified in NLV shooting

Posted at 10:26 AM, Sep 25, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-25 13:26:12-04
UPDATE: The North Las Vegas Police Officers involved in the shooting were Officer Jason Scarale and Officer Drew Albers. Officer Scarale has been an officer with the department for 16 years. Officer Albers has been an officer with the department for 10 years.
The deceased has been identified as 26-year-old Donaven Kyle Anderson from North Las Vegas.
This investigation continues and Officers Scarale and Albers remain on paid leave, which is routine in officer involved shootings.
Two North Las Vegas police officers were shot on Tuesday evening and the suspect is dead.
The shooting happened on Spur Ranch Road when officers were responding to a hostage situation where an adult man had a gun.
Wednesday, North Las Vegas police are not releasing any new information about the shooting, but the President of the North Las Vegas Police Supervisors Association, Leonard Cardinale, did.
Cardinale spoke with Action News about potential staffing issues Tuesday night. He said there should have been a lieutenant on duty, overseeing the sergeants.
Last night, he says there was a sergeant in the North and South, but no lieutenant.
He says lieutenants usually handle the big picture, and explained to us why he thinks. not having one on duty is an issue.
"You have to have someone who can keep their mind engaged on the entire process and not just a particular squad and if you put someone in charge of one or two squads and a station commander for the North or the South and a watch commander, we're saying that's just to much to ask and its a safety problem," Cardinale said.
There is no video footage of the shooting because officers in North Las Vegas do not wear body cameras.
Their public information officer told Action News the Chief of Police is in favor of getting body cameras, but they need to get the money and the right vendor.
Right now, there is no time line for when the department might get them.