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UPDATE: New high school to help addicted students opens

Posted at 6:44 PM, Aug 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-23 18:26:04-04

UPDATE OCT. 23: The new high school for addicted students is now open. It is located on Veterans Memorial Drive. It is the first school of its kind in the nation, according to the school district.


A new Clark County School District high school is set to open in a few days to help students battling addiction. 

Mission High School will provide students with traditional classes, but will also have a social worker, mental health counselors and courses for both students and parents on addiction recovery. 

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"When I finish my four years I will feel so much better for myself," said student Maria Vasquez. 

Maria is an incoming freshman and now two and half months sober. 

"You could see it in my face that I looked sad and depressed," Maria said. "You don't know how many Xanax my little self can take."

Maria says she started experimenting with drugs because she was bullied in school, but she also says school was the easiest place to feed her addiction. 

"You can get drugs any period, any class and anytime of the day," Maria said. 

A risk youth survey taken by the CDC in 2015 shows about 30 percent of Nevada high schoolers say they were either offered, bought or given drugs on campus. 

"It's surprising and it's scary," said one parent. 

The school is the first of its kind for CCSD.

Teacher Sarah Juarez, who has battled with addiction herself, believes the program can make a difference for many kids like Maria. 

"Recovering is life changing," Juarez said. 

Maria hopes her new school will help also open the eyes of parents who may believe kids can't fall victim to addiction. 

"Schools make it easy to get drugs and parents don't see that," Maria said. "When I finish my four years I will feel so much better for myself." 

Students are not mandated to attend Mission High School, but if you are interested enrolling your child or want more information on recovery, you can visit the school's website