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Volunteers not happy about having to pay for CCSD background check

New CCSD background check policy in effect
Posted at 11:38 PM, Nov 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-09 17:11:15-05

A new policy which requires certain school volunteers to get a background check is in full effect. 

Under a new state law, certain volunteers at schools must undergo a background check. The Clark County School District struggled to interpret the law, but has finally established some guidelines.

Assistant Superintendent Tammy Malich told 13 Action News, anyone who volunteers with kids four or more times per month must get a background check. Any volunteer who is likely to have unsupervised contact with students, even one time, must also get a background check. 

The district expects each volunteer to pay for the background check on their own dime. It costs $60. 

"You're already unpaid help as it is, you shouldn't have to pay to be unpaid help!" said Patti Brick who considers herself the parent volunteer coordinator for Rogers Elementary School. 

Brick worries the law could decrease parent involvement. It's why the parent group she's part of is offering to fundraise to help some parents cover the cost. 

Malich said the district understands why some parents are frustrated, but hopes they will remember the purpose of the law is to keep kids safe.

She said the district is working with nonprofit groups and third-party businesses to see if anyone is willing to pick up the tab for parents who need it most.