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New Arts District mural aims to inspire climate change action on Capitol Hill

Climate Mural
Posted at 10:02 PM, Apr 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-04 16:56:13-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Windmill-like flowers springing from the earth, mountains basking in the sun, and stars in the eyes of a woman lost in the wild could all be found in a wall-sized mural completed Friday by artist Gui Lemes in the Arts District.

"I think the main idea was to make the connection between nature and human beings," he said.

Lemes said his roots in climate protection grew deep and sprung from his lineage.

"The culture of my family, we have liked taking care of nature," he said. "We are people from the farm."

On the first day of Earth Month, the Nevada Conservation League used the mural's completion and First Friday to call for immediate action to address the worsening climate.

"We are hoping that congress pays attention to these calls," communications director Angelyn Tabalba said.

Tabalba said the group was specifically calling for what's known as climate justice.

"Low-income communities and communities of color are hit first and hit worst by climate pollution," she said.

She pointed to regions where low-income and minority populations have often been relegated in big cities, areas around major roadways and highways, as one example of environmental disparities between groups.

Tabalba said those regions have historically been where car emissions concentrate and impact people's health.

"They suffer these toxic pollutions at a rate higher than our white counterparts," she said.

Climate action has taken a back seat in congress as fuel prices spike amid oil shortages.

Tabalba argued that's exactly why action is important in the near future.

"With more investment in clean energy, we can reach that energy independence so we don't have to rely on oil and gas."

Lemes's mural can be found near the intersection of Coolidge Avenue and Commerce Street.