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New ambulance service starting in Clark County

Posted at 1:31 PM, Mar 31, 2016
A fight to save lives might now change who comes to save you.
Community Ambulance just got Clark County's go ahead to respond to emergency calls. They have their own dispatch center and have hired more than 100 new paramedics to get ready for this day.
"We've been working at this for many years and today at seven o'clock it finally comes to fruition," said Brian Rogers, the CEO and co-owner of Community Ambulance.
For years, one group has controlled both ambulance companies in Clark County.
While the price of a medical transport won't change, it could mean someone will lose out.
"Would they prefer to have one company just AMR, MedicWest? Probably, but they were open to it. They're receptive," said Steve Sisolak, a Clark County commissioner.
"We just feel in a community our size you need a safety net. You need more than one, and Community Ambulance is coming in to fill that need," explained Rogers.
More than a dozen brand new ambulance hit the road starting at 7:00 p.m. Thursday.
More ambulances could get you to the ER quicker; Eleven minutes and 59 seconds-- that's how long Clark County says ambulances have to respond to emergency calls. 
Community Ambulance has an area of the valley they're supposed to service: east of Decatur Boulevard and south of Tropicana Avenue. That's where they'll stick too, unless something huge happens.
"Competition is usually a good thing and if you've got two people competing for the quarterback spot , I think it makes both of them better," said Sisolak.


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