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Nevada's possible impact on 2020 primary election

Election night viewers' guide
Presidential hopeful California Senator Kamala Harris spoke to a crowd of potential voters at Canyon Springs High School, Friday
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LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Election Day 2020 is well over a year away, but that’s not stopping those hoping to make it to the White House from trying to make their mark on the Las Vegas valley.

“I think there’s going to be a lot of action going on right here in Nevada, no question about it.”, says College of Southern Nevada Political Science Professor Francis Carlton.

“Either party could win, so it makes it an attractive battle ground state for the candidates running in the general election.”

Democratic presidential hopefuls are wasting no time trying to get the attention of voters in Las Vegas.

Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke at the Springs Preserve in February, and Senator Kamala Harris was also in town in March to speak with voters.

Professor Carlton says their stops make sense given Nevada's impact on the election.

“Democrats who are trying to appeal to the diverse electorate, the first test is right here in Nevada.”

For those sitting on the right, it's fair game. Professor Carlton believes whoever wins, regardless of party, would have to win Nevada first.

“I think republicans consider this still a winnable state, so I think Trump will spend some time here”