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Nevada's Department of Motor Vehicles helping those unable to make appointments

Posted at 11:59 AM, Jul 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-29 10:21:49-04

Nevada's Department of Motor Vehicles has announced 2 new initiatives to help those who have been unable to make an appointment at DMV offices. DMV sent the following to 13 Action News on Tuesday morning:

Nevada motorists who have been unable to make an appointment at DMV offices before their expiration date will benefit from two new initiatives announced by the Department of Motor Vehicles today. Beginning this fall, most Nevadans will be able to renew their driver’s license or ID card via the alternative services of online or mail. Additionally, drivers 65 and older, who have to renew in person, have been granted a one-year extension on driver’s license renewals that is effective immediately. The two new measures will allow approximately 75,000 Nevadans whose license or ID expires this year to avoid a visit to a DMV office during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Enabling drivers to skip the trip to the DMV not only helps them, it will help the DMV serve those who need car registrations or other services much more quickly,” said DMV Director Julie Butler. “Alternate license renewals will also have a lasting impact on the DMV as about 100,000 Nevadans will be eligible each year.” Governor Steve Sisolak signed emergency regulations to enact the new measures July 27. The DMV will move forward with public hearings to make the new regulations permanent. Under the details of alternate renewals, Nevadans who hold a license or ID card that is valid for eight years will be eligible to renew using alternate services every other time, meaning they will have to visit a DMV office to renew in person only once every 16 years. Fees remain unchanged. Renewed cards will be mailed using the customer’s existing photograph. Customers who are not eligible are those who hold cards with a term of less than eight years, including instruction permit holders, immigrants with a limited-term license or ID, driver authorization card holders, those with certain medical conditions and sex offenders. Drivers age 65 and older must renew in person every four years but seniors who hold an eight-year identification card are eligible for the alternate renewals. Under the one-year extension for senior drivers, drivers are still required to renew on time if possible. The extension is to allow time to schedule an appointment. Drivers will be exempt from late fees for one year. Drivers should print and carry an extension letter from the DMV website, dmvnv.com [dmvnv.com], until they have successfully renewed their license or identification card. New licenses will not be issued and the expiration date will not be updated in the driver record. DMV field services offices continue to operate at reduced capacity due to the COVID-19 social distancing and building occupancy requirements. The offices in the Las Vegas area and Reno are accepting customers with appointments only. Movement permits, license plate surrenders and vehicle inspections are available without an appointment. Rural offices serve local residents only on a walk-in basis. Nevadans who need DMV services are always encouraged to visit the Department’s website first. The DMV offers more than two dozen online services.