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Nevada Task Force 1 heading east for Hurricane Irma response

Nevada Task Force 1 heading to Florida for Irma
Nevada Task Force 1 heading to Florida for Irma
Nevada Task Force 1 heading to Florida for Irma
Posted at 6:44 PM, Sep 07, 2017

Nevada Task Force 1 is on its way to the East Coast to help with Hurricane Irma response, just after some of its members returned from responding to Texas for Hurricane Harvey.

They are being sent to Robins Air Force Base in Georgia.

The full Type I Urban Search and Rescue team consisting of about 80 members will be deployed.

Nevada Task Force 1 is one of 28 Federal Emergency Management Agency Urban Search and Rescue Task Forces that are prepared to respond to state or federal disasters throughout the United States. These task forces, complete with necessary tools and equipment, and required skills and techniques, can be deployed by FEMA for the rescue of victims of structural collapses due to man-made or natural disasters.

NV TF-1 consists of members from Clark County Fire Department, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue, Henderson Fire Department and North Las Vegas Fire Department, as well as civilians from several private companies.

NV TF-1 was engaged in search and rescue activities in New Orleans, LA in response to Hurricane Katrina (September 2005)  and in Lake Charles in response to Hurricane Rita (September 2005), as well as responding to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center (September 2001).