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Nevada State College president honored with lifetime achievement award

Posted at 9:55 PM, Mar 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-11 00:55:48-05

Nevada State College announced its President, Bart Patterson, received a Lifetime Achievement Award during The Village Foundation’s tenth annual fundraising gala on March 6.

The Village Foundation collaborates, supports, and funds projects that focus on increasing the achievement of challenged students.

Patterson, who became involved with the Village Foundation shortly after being appointed President at Nevada State, was recognized for his work in supporting the foundation’s education programs that focus on increasing the achievement of challenged students.

The founder of the Village Foundation, Dr. Linda Young, has been a member of the president’s advisory board at Nevada State College for many years. Together, they have collaborated to improve student success in Southern Nevada.

“The Village Foundation is very near and dear to my heart, so I am truly honored to receive this award from such a meaningful organization,” said Patterson. “Nevada State College is proud to partner with the Village Foundation as we learn, understand and help find solutions to the obstacles that students face in achieving success.”

Patterson, who has been president of Nevada State College for nearly 10 years, is the longest-serving president in the school’s history. He led Nevada State through tremendous growth and expansion as the school is continuously recognized as one of the fastest-growing colleges in the nation. He also emphasized innovative programs to overcome barriers to higher education through high-quality, affordable academic programs that boost the economy of Nevada.

“Bart Patterson was honored with the Village Foundation LJP Lifetime Achievement award because he exudes the characteristics of this foundation,” said Linda Young, Ph.D., president of the Village Foundation. “He provides to students and staff the love for education and the joy that is incorporated into collaborating with the College and the larger Clark County community. His people skills are above par as he has the ability to generate working relationships with people from all backgrounds.”

The virtual award ceremony held on Saturday celebrated award recipients and also raised donations through silent auctions and ticket sales.