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Nevada officials and organizations respond to Gov. Sisolak's State of the State address

Posted at 11:32 PM, Jan 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-20 07:04:29-05

CARSON CITY (KTNV) — Following Gov. Steve Sisolak's State of the State address officials and organizations responded with statements.

The full State of the State address can be viewed in the video player above.

Nevada State Education Association:
“While there is some good news reflected in Governor Sisolak’s proposed budget, Nevada is still in desperate need of new revenue. Unfortunately, we did not hear about a plan to get us there in tonight’s State of the State address,” said President of the Nevada State Education Association Brian Rippet. “Like the 31st Special Session, public education is bracing for another painful hit in the 81st Regular Session.”

Nevada Republican Party:
"Once again we see Governor Sisolak placing the blame of our state’s failure on the Federal Government and the Coronavirus without taking any responsibility for his own leadership failures. From vaccine distribution to unemployment, the failures of our state lie squarely at the feet of our Governor and Democrat leadership. His proposed plans are heavily dependent on reaching into Nevada’s depleted rainy day fund and the aid of the Federal Government. As we see in states such as Florida and South Dakota, with effective leadership a state is able to thrive without using rainy day funds and demanding to be spoon-fed by the Federal Government."

Nevada Association of School Superintendents:
"The Nevada Association of School Superintendents (NASS) recognize and appreciate the difficult fiscal situation our State is in as reflected in the budget presented by Governor Sisolak tonight. Tough decisions had to be made, and all Nevadans will share in the pain of the budget reductions. We recognize and support the Governor’s priority around public education and workforce development for the benefit of all Nevadans. As the educational leaders in the State, we are committed to using the taxpayer dollars dedicated to public education in the most efficient and effective manner possible with a laser focus on supporting classroom teachers and students as we address the academic and mental health crisis that has taken place over the past year. We look forward to working with the Nevada Legislature and bringing innovative and strategic ideas forward to ensure increases in student achievement statewide. NASS supports Governor Sisolak’s priority for the day when all students have access to in-person learning that is equitable, safe, and welcoming."

Vegas Chamber:
“The Governor’s address tonight was focused on building a strong future, as well as navigating the current fiscal crisis. The Vegas Chamber applauds Governor Sisolak for recognizing in his state budget that employers and small businesses throughout the state continue to struggle. Presenting a balanced budget that does not add more burdens to employers in the form of more taxes or regulations is great news for all Nevadans. This commitment, along with more funding for small businesses, gives employers and entrepreneurs confidence to move forward and it will help preserve jobs.
“We are particularly excited about the Governor’s initiative to secure more federal grant dollars. Nevada is ranked at the bottom in the country in accessing federal grants simply because we have not applied for these dollars. By applying for federal grant dollars, we can bring millions in funding to Nevada that can be used to tackle challenges such as public health, education, and human services.
“And the Vegas Chamber is pleased that the Governor is investing in workforce training at all levels of higher education, especially restoring UNLV School of Medicine funding. Training our workforce for in-demand jobs such as in health care and innovative industries is key to connecting workers to good-paying jobs and sustainable careers, as well as growing our economy. The Governor’s support of UNLV, Nevada State College, and College of Southern Nevada is important to our long-term economic health.”

Clark County School District:
"The Clark County School District is thankful for Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak’s commitment to making education a priority in his proposed budget during these unprecedented times.

We welcome the Governor's efforts to continue to support and move the Pupil Centered Funding Plan, known as SB543, forward in the upcoming 2021 Legislative Session. The commitment to this formula will not only support equity and access among our children most in need, but it will also support the education of all of our students in Clark County. We look forward to gathering more information and a greater understanding of the recommended implementation and aligning our support and voice to the process moving forward.

Our children must always be our number one priority and we are realistic that difficult decisions will need to be made in order for lawmakers to pass a balanced state budget. We remain steadfast in our commitment to work together with the Executive and the Legislative branches to overcome challenges brought on by the current pandemic and ensure that future revenue will be directed toward K-12 education as Nevada’s economy recovers to ensure our students, educators, support professionals, and administrators all have the resources and services to succeed."

Nevada Assembly Democratic Caucus Speaker Jason Frierson:
“Nevada families have suffered in countless ways this past year. We have lost 3,700 Nevadans to this pandemic and thousands more have lost their way of life. Tonight, as he has throughout the pandemic, the Governor spoke to those who have been hit hardest to say that we are working to turn the page together. I am grateful for his compassion and determination to make Nevadans whole.

The budget of a family, of a state, of a nation, reflects priorities. I applaud the Governor for prioritizing the needs of Nevadans who have been hardest hit. Those priorities include access to affordable health care, getting our children back to school, and something I will personally advocate for-- helping our small business owners with funds to get back on their feet. I also applaud continuing to connect our workforce with a 21st-century economy. Lifting up our unique ability in Nevada to harness a clean energy economy and improve our infrastructure will get Nevadans back to work and also help us address climate change.

As legislators, we are all Nevadans first and I echo Governor Sisolak’s call tonight by asking my fellow legislators to work together to ensure that we build a state that can withstand the next crisis. We all have a part to play and we can show that Republicans and Democrats can put people over politics.

Tonight at the forefront of my mind is the everyday heroes of Nevada-- those the Governor spotlighted and so many more whose names will never be known but are quietly working to create a community we are all proud to call home. It is their voices that we will carry into the legislature as we get ready to convene in 10 days to do the work we have been elected to do. I look forward to a continued partnership with Governor Sisolak, Majority Leader Cannizzaro, Minority Leader Settleymeyer, and Minority Leader Titus to move our great state forward together."