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Nevada lawmaker's Syrian strategy: Use bullets

Posted at 10:34 AM, Dec 08, 2015

Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore says she's not OK with Syrian refugees and terrorists and wants to "end their miserable life."

The Republican lawmaker who's mulling a bid for Congress made the comments on her weekend talk show, "Walk the Talk," on Las Vegas radio station KDWN.

Fiore was asked why she didn't sign onto a letter from the Nevada Assembly Republican Caucus supporting a review of refugee resettlement programs in light of terrorist attacks in Paris.

Fiore said she and some of the most conservative Assembly members weren't invited to sign, but said she was "not OK with Syrian refugees" and "not OK with terrorists," and was "about to fly to Paris and shoot `em in the head myself."

Fiore is known for controversial statements and her love of guns.