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Nevada lawmakers halve gun bill amid enforcement concerns

Nevada Legislature Ghost Guns
Posted at 12:06 PM, Apr 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-23 15:06:14-04

CARSON CITY (AP) — A gun control bill proposed by a Nevada lawmaker who survived a 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas has sparked opposition from both Second Amendment activists and police reform advocates.

The state Assembly on Tuesday passed a proposal by Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui to ban build-your-own "ghost guns."

Lawmakers amended out sections that would have made it a criminal trespassing charge to bring firearms to certain casinos and resorts where they are prohibited because they divided Democrats and raised concerns about law enforcement.

Groups like the ACLU argued the new criminal statutes would be enforced unevenly according to race and lead to unnecessary escalation between gun-owners and law enforcement.