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Nevada judge asked to let new wave of retail pot shops open

Posted at 3:33 PM, Aug 16, 2019

Attorneys for Nevada and some companies that won retail marijuana dispensary licenses last year say mistakes might have been made, but tax officials are fairly enforcing a voter-approved initiative that legalized recreational marijuana.

Steve Shevorski, a top deputy state attorney general, told a judge in Las Vegas on Friday there would be no basis for her to issue an order blocking licensees from opening new shops statewide until a trial can be held.

In his summary after 18 days of testimony, Shevorski said losing bidders presented no evidence that officials exceeded authority or abused administrative discretion evaluating 462 applications and awarding 61 new licenses.

Attorneys for winning bidders said Friday their clients are losing money because they can't open, and would-be customers are being hurt because they aren't being served.