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Nevada is the 6th least educated state in the U.S.

Posted at 1:42 PM, Jan 24, 2017
Nevada is the 6th least educated state in the U.S., according to a new study from WalletHub
The study ranked each state on a total of 11 key metrics, including "percentage of adults age 25+ with at least a high school diploma," "average university quality," and "gender gap in educational attainment."
Here's how Nevada ranks in each of the following categories:
41st – Percentage of High-School Diploma Holders
37th – Percentage of Associate's Degree Holders or College-Experienced Adults
45th – Percentage of Bachelor’s Degree Holders
45th – Percentage of Graduate- or Professional-Degree Holders
46th – Average University Quality
38th – Gender Gap in Educational Attainment
The study showed a correlation between education and income levels. In general, states with a higher income level have a better-educated populace.

Source: WalletHub
Massachusetts was considered the most educated state because of its high percentage of college educated citizens. West Virginia came in last due to its poor education quality and low educational attainment.