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Nevada governor signs emergency regulation regarding coronavirus

Posted at 6:17 PM, Mar 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-07 01:19:30-05

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak has adopted an emergency regulation to protect Nevadans from increased medical costs associated with coronavirus.

The measure ensures that people with medical insurance pay a normal cost for services and medicines related to the illness.

After the emergency regulation that Gov. Sisolak adopted, and with the growing concern about COVID-19 in Nevada, consumers may have questions regarding their health insurance, which is why the Division of Insurance has posted valuable information on its website about how health insurance coverage is affected by COVID-19.

“Consumers can be assured that they can seek medical testing services at no additional cost, should they need to be tested for this virus,” said Insurance Commissioner Barbara Richardson. “They should also be assured to know that there are resources to help them understand how to use their health insurance to do so.”

Consumers can visit here to read a breakdown about what the emergency regulation means as it relates to their health insurance policy, important information from the Governor’s office, as well as other helpful links to view State and National responses to this virus.

Thursday, the Division promulgated an emergency regulation that was approved by Governor Sisolak to address concerns regarding the virus.

The regulation addresses the following three issues:

-No cost for medical services related to testing for COVID-19
-Information to members and providers about insurance benefits, medical service options and preventative measures
-Coverage for off-formulary prescriptions if pharmacy supplies are disrupted

Consumers who have specific questions regarding their health insurance policy should contact their health insurance company first.

Should consumers have additional questions, they may call the Division’s Consumer Services section in Carson City at (775) 687-0700 or in Las Vegas at (702) 486-4009.