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Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak addresses healthcare concerns regarding coronavirus care

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Posted at 10:42 AM, Mar 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-08 03:36:50-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak gave an update on the coronavirus situation during a press briefing Saturday in Las Vegas.

The Nevada Department of Business and Industry also issued a statement regarding COVID-19 when it comes to Nevada’s health insurance.

An emergency regulation was approved by Governor Sisolak ensuring no cost for medical services related to COVID-19 testing and information about insurance benefits, options, and preventative measures.

But if you are feeling ill, when is the right time to go to the doctor?

“I do think a fair amount of judgment and reserve is warranted especially if you’re having mild symptoms,” says Dr. Neal, physician.

If you go to your primary care physician, you will be responsible for the cost of the visit.

That also includes taking care of any doctor fees.

Some insurance companies are paying for coronavirus test swabs, but the state will pay for lab tests.

“If you’re having mild symptoms it’s probably not beneficial to come to the emergency department,” says Dr. Neal.

ER’s or at urgent care locations, you can expect a much higher bill.

Meaning those that are uninsured, will likely dig the deepest into their pockets.

The state has also set up a website for anyone with questions about the emergency regulation and what it means when it comes to your health insurance policy.

Clark County representatives said local health officials continue to work with federal agencies when it comes to handling coronavirus within the state.

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Officials also reported there were no new coronavirus cases in Nevada other than the two reported earlier in the week.

Sisolak spoke to the media at 11 a.m. and the replay of the press conference is available below: