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Nevada Democrats release plan for 2020 presidential caucuses

Posted at 1:17 PM, Mar 20, 2019

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Nevada Democrats unveiled a written plan Wednesday for the party's 2020 presidential caucus that party leaders hope will heal rifts from three years ago, when supporters of Bernie Sanders felt ill-treated by the delegate selection process, the state convention erupted in chaos and the party chair received death threats.

Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy said Wednesday that the party is focused on a "fully transparent" caucus in February 2020 that will include for the first time early voting, virtual participation and the release of raw vote totals that each candidate receives.

The party's plan calls for early caucuses to begin four days after the New Hampshire primary, running Feb. 15 through Feb. 18. Virtual participation will be held Feb. 16 and 17 and the main, in-person Saturday caucuses will take place Feb. 22.