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Nevada court rejects rooftop solar rates ballot measure

Posted at 6:10 PM, Aug 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-04 21:10:34-04
The Nevada Supreme Court has decided not to allow a measure about rooftop solar electricity rates to appear on the statewide ballot in November.
Justices ruled Thursday that a referendum by opponents of a 2015 state law was fundamentally flawed, with a summary for voters the court called "inaccurate," "misleading" and "argumentative."
Question 5 aimed to kill a law that let the Nevada Public Utilities Commission impose higher charges for rooftop solar customers.
The effort to block the referendum pitted solar industry supporters, primarily installation company SolarCity, against a political action committee backed by the state's dominant electric utility, NV Energy.
The PAC contended that the measure would force customers without rooftop electric systems to subsidize customers who install them.
The court heard oral arguments in the case last Friday.