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Nevada Athletic Commission could loosen marijuana regulations

Posted at 6:53 PM, Jan 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-13 22:50:38-05

The Nevada Athletic Commission voted Friday in favor of moving forward with studies that could possibly drop penalties against fighters who use marijuana. 

The NAC will have to conduct studies for the next several months to figure out how they will integrate the legalization of recreation marijuana into the fighting world. 

"We've been very conservative, you could certainly make an argument that we've been too conservative over the years," said Bob Bennett, executive director of the NAC, 

Right now, fighters are tested on the night of their fight for marijuana. If a fighter is found with more than 150 ng/ml of marijuana in their system they could face penalties, fines and suspensions. 

"If you can't operate heavy machinery for very good reasons while you're high, you probably shouldn't be taking punches to the head for a similar reason," said Luis Monda, head trainer at Johnny Tocco's Ringside Boxing Gym. 

Monda doesn't believe fighters should be under the influence of drugs while fighting but does say regulations could be more lenient. 

"You could have smoked a joint 28 days ago and it would still be in your system," Monda said. "That's unfair to some fighters." 

Fighters like Shaun Ross, who is over 21 and has used marijuana recreationally, said he wants to be able to use marijuana to help heal any pain after a fight. 

"If it's high in THC then it's only going to get you high, but if it's high in CBD it's going to help with muscle pain," Ross said. 

The boxer does agree that every fighter, including himself, should never be high in the ring. 

"It is going to slow you down if you smoke before a fight or before you train," Ross said. 

The NAC is expected to make their final vote as early as March or April.