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Nevada Assembly's Sergeant at Arms dies from COVID-19

Posted at 1:35 PM, Feb 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-02 17:50:21-05

CARSON CITY (KTNV) — The Nevada Assembly’s Sergeant at Arms, Robin Bates, has died. Robin Bates passed away on Monday night from COVID-19.

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The following statement was sent to 13 Action News:

Today, we are in this Chamber sharing in our grief at the loss of Sergeant At Arms Robin Bates. We all share in this grief because we all shared in our love for Robin. He was our friend, our trusted confidant, and our biggest cheerleader. His laugh was immediately recognizable when it rang through these halls-- it was bold, loud, and joyful.

Robin gave us many reasons to laugh with him, too. He was well known for his pranks and was particularly good at playing the long game. Many of the staff and legislators in the building have stories about how Robin would build-up for weeks what turned out to be a prank, then reveal the joke with a hearty laugh.

Robin joined the Sergeant At Arms office in 2001 and immediately professionalized it. He wanted the office to reflect the seriousness of the work done here. He proudly upheld the traditions of the Assembly and represented this House with distinction and honor, both here and nationally. We will all smile when we hear our friend call us into the Chamber he loved so much. He was truly the heart and soul of this Chamber.

Robin passed peacefully at home last night from COVID-19 surrounded by his wife and two sons. We will honor Robin later this session when his family can join us.

The Assembly Sergeant at Arms is the principal law enforcement officer for the body and reports to the Speaker and the Chief Clerk. In this capacity, the Sergeant at Arms and his staff oversee the floor and galleries, maintain order and decorum within the Assembly Chamber and the adjoining hallways, and coordinate the safety of the Assembly members and visiting dignitaries within and around the Chamber with the Legislative Police. The Assembly Sergeant at Arms also coordinates the Governor’s biennial State of the State Address and announces all visiting dignitaries to the Assembly.

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