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Nellis Air Force Base investigates person mutilating, dismembering cats

Nellis AFB
Posted at 10:26 AM, Jun 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-15 19:46:28-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — An investigation is ongoing on Nellis Air Force Base concerning mutilated, dead cats being found cut in half.

Air Force officials have received reports that approximately four cats were found cut in half between now and February. The only parts found have been the lower portion and the cuts were clean, indicating that it is not a natural attack by a coyote or other predator.

Lt. Col. Bryon McGarry, a spokesperson for Nellis AFB, said the ownership of the cats was "unknown," and that no base residents have reported missing cats.

The investigation is primarily taking place near the Hospital Side Base Housing of Nellis AFB. The base, located in the northeast Las Vegas valley, houses an estimated 22,728 family members, according to Military OneSource.

Lt. Col. McGarry said in an email, “As of now we are asking that members report odd or suspicious activity concerning stray animals, attempts to catch stray animals, or any other incident related findings.”

Animal abuse is a crime that carries prison time and fines in Nevada.

Any information should be reported directly to the 99 Security Forces Investigations Section by phone at 702-908-6731.

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