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Neighbors worry about squatters starting fires outside RV

Posted at 6:43 PM, Apr 10, 2017

Neighbors are concerned about squatters who've parked a mobile home outside an abandoned house and are allegedly starting fires in the backyard. 

The home, located on Lake Mead and Mount Hood, has been abandoned for years, according to neighbors. But lately, the home's been busy with activity. 

"I see people, you know, like homeless, going in and out," said Jose Garcia who lives near the home. 

A mobile home is parked on the driveway and covered in tarp. Neighbors said the numerous people living there have been starting campfires in the backyard. 

"It could start a fire and burn down everything," said Elsie Verzani who also lives near the home. 

13 Action News approached a man who was seen leaving the mobile home Monday. He claimed to be paying the homeowner rent. We tried to talk to the homeowner, but no one answered the boarded up door. 

Property records show the home belongs to a woman who has since moved to Florida, according to public records. 

A spokesman for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said authorities would need the cooperation of the property owner to remove the squatters from the driveway. 

Until then, neighbors can call authorities if they suspect any other illegal activities are taking place on the property.