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Neighbors worried about smelly camper trailer

Posted at 6:08 PM, Jul 28, 2017

Neighbors near Smoke Ranch Road and Decatur Boulevard are concerned about a smelly camper trailer which was dumped near their homes. 

Barry Katz watches out for his neighbors, so he took notice when a camper trailer was dumped on an empty lot last month. 

Katz soon realized someone was living inside the camper trailer. Katz said the person was arrested over a month ago, but the trailer has been left behind in an unsanitary condition.

"The smell from feces, there's empty cans in there, there's garbage inside of it," Katz said. 

Katz is also worried neighborhood kids might try to go inside the trailer. 

He called the Southern Nevada Health District and was told they couldn't handle the case because the trailer was parked on private property. The case was referred to Clark County. 

13 Action News asked a county spokesman why it was taking so long for the trailer to be removed. 

He said the property owner has been ordered to remove the trailer by Aug. 22 or face a fine.